Thursday, 31 October 2013

Anyone who had a heart

Today is the last day of October, with All Souls' Day tomorrow, and I look back on a month with more losses than usual: the husband of my mother's favourite cousin who was a generous host to the Resident Fan Boy and myself as newlyweds visiting England; a member of our church in Victoria finally released from the prison of Alzheimer's, who took care of my sister and me long ago when my mum was at conferences -- I remember her tucked up on the couch with her husband, reading the same book; another church member about whom I blogged not long ago.

From across the ocean came the news of two men I'd never met. The first was someone with whom I had corresponded: Norman Geras of normblog. Three and a half years ago, I was startled to receive an invitation from Norman to submit a blog profile to his extensive list of what now must be at least 400 blogs. I am in perpetual awe and bewilderment to be in such illustrious company and am profile #286. I think most of what I said then still applies (alas - although I would correct the bit about the "1954 cholera epidemic" which was in 1854, obviously). Norman's family have decided to leave the normblog twinkling in cyberspace, full of eclectic musings, references and lists. Do go browse; I'm sure you'll find something you like.

The remaining thunk to my gut was the death of Lou Reed. Here's my personal favourite:

But I can't leave without posting two fabulous Canadian versions of the Lou Reed classic Sweet Jane (although I'll always have the softest spot in my heart for Mott the Hoople's cover):

First is the drowsy and stoned(and some say definitive)version by Cowboy Junkies:

Finally, the Tragically Hip's more orthodox version which is nevertheless very "The Hip":

As the dark closes in, let's take comfort in those who shone the light ahead, and who, with luck, will still be there shining when we step outside.