Friday, 31 August 2018

Securely locked out

The problem with moving between provinces is that the email I've used for about 15 years became unusable last November when we hooked up the computer in our new apartment, complete with new service provider.

This was fine until my laptop got fed up with my failure to update and rebooted itself in a fit of temper, apparently taking my password with it.

This blog continues to be under my extinct email address, which means I can't have a new password sent to it, and was forced to access another ancient Yahoo Mail account. Then Blogger refused to let me sign in a series of passwords.

This was last spring.

It's taken me the summer to summon up the courage to try again, while I came to terms with the possibility of never being able to access this blog again. However, I tried from our main computer, instead of my rapidly aging and cantankerous laptop, and I'm here!

Now I'm terrified to try to sign back into my regular account...