Monday, 9 March 2009

Dave Comedy Therapy

So it's March 9th and after a weekend of sunny relatively warm temperatures, it began to snow again this morning. A light covering of pellets over the stretches of black ice. And there's me heading up to younger daughter's school in boots instead of YakTrax. I didn't do the sideways split this time, but clearly, I have been warned. Elder daughter has crawled home from school, sick. The resource teacher has gently let me know that she needs to know to which school we'll be sending younger daughter next year.

I've decided to blame everything on tomorrow's full moon. I figure the moon can take it. In the meantime, I'm meditating on Daves. The Daves I wish I knew...Oh dear... The full moon seems to have got to him as well... Maybe some other time.

And the Daves I know. I know a lot of Daves. Some of them are Davids, but most of them are Daves. They all have have their own hands, but they come from different mums. If you're Canadian, you can see where this is heading. Here is "Daves", as sung by my fellow Taurean Bruce McCulloch in the old The Kids in the Hall show on CBC:Alas, I cannot find a decent video of "Dave's Holiday" by Patti Larkin. Because that would be perfect.


Jane Henry said...

Ha! I know lots of Daves/Davids too. In fact I'm married to one. That did make me laugh. Hope the full moon doesn't have the same effect on you as it does on George (which you will understand once you have watched Being Human. Which you are going to watch because not to do so would be ... incomprehensible.

Persephone said...

I've seen the pilot of Being Human, and am now a little sad because the actors playing the vampire and the ghost did not continue for the series. I've heard it described as what Torchwood could have been, but I also think it is what Moonlight could have been, instead of a soap opera-ish take on mysteriously shallow L.A. vampires (if they've been alive all those years, wouldn't they have acquired some knowledge and wisdom?).

Jane Henry said...

Ah yes, I was sad about that too, but actually some things improved as a result. For eg, Adrian Lester's Herrick was great. Very suave, sophisticated and menacing, but Jason Watkins' Herrick was just ... horribly horribly normal and it worked brilliantly for that. Because you were constantly lulled into a false sense of security (BH is very good at doing that) and then WHAM!! it hit you between the eyes that he is actually very very nasty. He was also very funny on the way.

I watched the pilot again and Guy Flanagan IS more mesmerising then Aidan Turner, but I think Aidan Turner captured the addictive nature of Mitchell brilliantly, and gave the role more edginess somehow.

Andrea Riseborough's Annie was much quirkier then Lenora Critchlow's and I was sorrier about losing her then anyone else, but after a bit of a slow start I really ended up loving her, particularly in the last episode.

Lauren wasn't in the pilot enough to make such a massive impact that I noticed she'd changed, but I thought Annabel Scholey was great in the role.

Owen and Nina don't appear in the pilot so they hadn't changed. Both were fantastic.

The series is different to the pilot and a bit of me would have loved to have seen how it would have developed with the original cast, but I loved it anyway cos it was just terribly terribly cool, and very very funny, and very very dark. And Russell Tovey is fabulous. Very glad they didn't lose him!

Being Human is definitely what Torchwood should have been. And for a programme about the undead feels very real.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I had totally forgotten about the Daves Song! How high do the waist of his jeans go? Hilarious.

BTW: Thanks for the add to your blogroll Persephone, I appreciate it!

bonnie-ann black said...

i love the "Dave" song by Patty Larkin... and i love that photo of David Tennant's Hamlet... it was really a chilling moment during the performance. even though you *know* what happens, it felt like you just couldn't know what was going to happen! an amazing production of Hamlet. and of course... David Tennant.... sigh.