Monday, 20 July 2009

Persephone goes home to Demeter

I've now been one week in Victoria and the chief problem I have with this is...that means only five weeks left in Victoria...

The guy on the radio was warbling about this week being "unbelievably hot" -- at 27 degrees Celsius. That's a mild summer day in Ottawa, although the humidex would push the perceived heat into the early to mid-thirties. Here, depending on how close to Juan de Fuca Strait or Georgia Strait you are, a steady sea breeze will comfort you, and the temperature is guaranteed to plummet at sunset, something that almost never happens in Hades.

On Saturday, younger daughter and I were able to stroll from our house-sit to the Moss Street Paint-in . We were able to attend for the first time in three or so years because a) it wasn't scheduled the same day as a Harry Potter book release; and b) it wasn't scheduled the same day as Luminara which is unbelievably what they did last year. Who failed to talk to whom? Despite the claims at the link, there have been rainy Moss Street Paint-ins over the past twenty years. Victorians are notoriously forgetful about weather. However, this year the weather was, well, picture-perfect, a warm day with an ocean breeze wafting up the dozen or so blocks of Moss Street. Younger daughter delighted in the many varieties of dogs out for their strolls. I doubt they appreciated the art; aren't dogs colour-blind? I focused on the stuff that appealed to me and there was something to pretty much any taste, barring the pornographic. I particularly like the work of one fellow (and if I can remember his name, I'll find a link) who specialized in Breugelish, super-real folk-tale-like paintings.
We managed about five blocks which is about my limit for having all senses assailed.

Today, younger daughter and I grabbed an opportunity to visit Munro's Books and to slip in for drinks and treats at Murchies. This being our ninth summer since being banished to Hades, I know all too well that I must visit my favourite haunts quickly before the chances slip away with the all-too-brief summer weeks. Even if I'm miserable, the Resident Fan Boy will point out: "At least you're miserable in Victoria!" He's all too right.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

relish every day you can. Old haunts are wonderful things.

Jane Henry said...

So glad you get to go home for at least the summer. Sounds wonderful.Am off on my hols on Friday, so may not get back for a bit. Enjoy your time away.x