Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas cards have all been sent... Karen Carpenter used to warble when she had the strength.

Still, I need to sort the presents set aside for the Twelve Days of Christmas (mostly the out-of-town ones) so I'll cheat with some YouTube videos:

First, some Can/con with this delightful poppy number from Serena Ryder. I think this deserves to become a Canadian Christmas classic. For one thing, it's a little more cheery than "River" and "River" is really an Advent song anyway: ...although this one makes me really glad not to be dating...

Next, dascottjr has done another literal video and because Hall and Oates did two versions of the original (which I never noticed), he's done two-in-one. I think the second one is marginally funnier:

Finally, it's Christmas Eve and I used to be able to depend on CBC to play Carols from Kings, but I guess that isn't politically correct anymore. For those of you who keep Christmas (and for those who don't but like the music), here's one of my favourite carols:

God bless. See you a bit later.


Ann ODyne said...

Wishing you all Happy Christmas,
x x x

Jane Henry said...

Happy Christmas Persephone! Sorry haven't had time to breathe this week or I would have dropped by earlier. Wishing you and yours all the best for the season. Lots of love Julesxx

Persephone said...

Bless you both! (Isn't it the Second Day of Christmas where you are, Ann OD?) (Can't imagine why you'd be busy, Jules... How's the palpitations?)All the very best of the holiday season and beyond!

chrissie_allen said...

Hi Persephone!
Hope your days of Christmas are going well. A very happy holiday to you amd yours!

Jane Henry said...

Hi Persephone, just realised hadn't answered your question! Palpitations ok considering the stressy Christmas we've had, so the tablets seem to be working... Hope you had a good one!