Monday, 3 October 2011


Okay. I've watched "The Wedding of River Song" twice. Trouble is, I need to watch Steven Moffat's episodes at least three times before I have the slightest idea what's going on. This episode was like the Silents, the creepy slimy things in business suits who hang from ceilings like bats and are instantly forgotten the minute you look away. Every time I try to recall what happened in the first fifteen minutes --- I can't. I just can't. There were pterodactyls, weren't there? And Winston Churchill as Caesar. Oh yeah, and a Noel Fielding look-a-like in a Star Wars bar.

My head hurts.

My understanding, from a very quick look around the Doctor Who sites I can stand, is that opinions are sharply divided on this one, between those that were dazzled and those who were bored (which is difficult to imagine) and have decided that Stephen Moffat has ruined Doctor Who.

Oh, here we go again. Even at his most preposterous, Russell T Davies didn't ruin Doctor Who. (I've gone on about this before; if you care, just type "Russell T Davies" in the search box, but only if you must...) Steven Moffat, another highly talented and brilliant television writer, won't ruin Doctor Who. Most of my favourite episodes have been penned by Steven Moffat. So why do I feel oddly deflated?

I like Matt Smith as the Doctor. I like Amy Pond. I'm very fond of Rory. And I love-love-love River Song. (I've gone on about that before too.)

Y'know, I think the problem is that I really don't care for this split season thing, with half-a-dozen episodes airing last spring and another bunch airing this late summer/early autumn. If we're going to go with this story-arc thing, best have all the episodes close together, so lame-brains like me can keep up. Also, frankly, two short seasons just make me feel twice as cheated when they end.

My contribution to the obsessive arguments now dominating the Who-niverse: It seems to me that the Silents have taken upon themselves the task once overseen by the Time Lords. The Resident Fan Boy thinks I'm on to something and that the Silents are the Time Lords. Discuss.


Summer Kinard said...

That's brilliant, but I can't think how the time lords would have morphed into the Silents. I wonder if the Ood are a kind of anti-Silents? What I want to know, is whether River and the Doctor have children. What did the crib say in the Demons Run episode?

Persephone said...

Let's just hope it wasn't "Tick-tock, goes the clock..."
'Cause that would be really creepy.

SOL's view said...

I haven't watched Dr Who for sooooo long that I never know what's going on these days anyway.

I only caught the last little bit of this episode - if it's the one I'm thinking of where she is supposed to be the one killing the good Dr - and I was lost.


JoeinVegas said...

Didn't make sense. She killed the doctor (and evidently went to prison for it) but yet she didn't kill the doctor but a robot? Did he and the people running the robot get out before it was burned? what??/