Saturday, 31 December 2011

Singing out the Seventh Day of Christmas (and 2011)

Well, I've made it to the National Arts Centre twice within the past twenty-four hours, first, to see Oliver, and this afternoon, The Blue Man Group, and only managed to hack during "As Long As He Needs Me", so I don't think too many theatre patrons want to kill me. "ALAHNM" is such a lame song, don't you think?

However, my cold has left me with no singing voice whatsoever, so I'm leaving it to good ol' Uncle Jay to sing out the old year. He's American-centric, but damn funny:

Oh yes. And the very best of 2012 to everyone. May it be an improvement. We could all use improvement...


JoeinVegas said...

Blue Man Group? The same one we have here in Vegas? Or are they a bunch of guys just blue from the cold up there?
Happy New Year!

Persephone said...

From what I hear, there are several Blue Men Groups! There were six listed on our programme, only only three were on stage at any one time. (No one needs to get blue if they bundle up properly.) Happy New year yourself!