Friday, 4 May 2012

The Yo Yo Man (write of passage number twenty-four)

He must have got on at Tunney's Pasture station, because it seems as if his barking voice comes out of nowhere:  "Yo.  YO.  Don't you disrepect me. DON'T YOU DISRESPECT ME!  YO. YO! YO!  I'm not your boyfriend.  I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!  DON'T YOU DISRESPECT ME!"

And so on.  I look resolutely to the front, but out of the corner of my eye, I can see that younger daughter can't resist glancing back.  She's starting slightly at each YO!  Sound sensitivity is a common thing among those on the spectrum.  I smile at her reassuringly.
"It's okay," I say softly.
"What?" she asks, not so softly.
"YO!" says Yo-yo Man.  "I'm coming to your house.  I'M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE!"

We're pulling into LaBreton Station.
"I'M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE!" declares Yo-yo Man, moving swiftly and purposefully through the throng of bodies in the aisle. "'Scuse me!"  He has absolutely no trouble getting to the exit, and strides off.

"Goodness," I say to younger daughter.  "I'm glad he's not coming to our house!"

I see heads turning to grin at me and other shoulders shaking. 

I gather there's a consensus.


SOL's view said...

So glad that crazy public transport passengers exist the world over. :)

Persephone said...

Plenty more where that came from, SOL!