Friday, 14 December 2012

The sweetest sound in the world

Got home from sitting in one of our local eateries, having written another eight or so Christmas cards. Turned on the computer to be confronted with horror. Various Facebook statuses, one of them that of elder daughter finishing her university term in Halifax, spreading the word. An elementary school in Connecticut, equipped with same buzz-in devices that I've encountered at my daughters' schools over the past decade. But the gunman was one of the dads, so they let him in. (*Dec 16 This was based on "information" that appeared at the Globe and Mail web site and the BBC web site when all was still confusion.)

The phone rang.

"Mum! You picked up!" My younger daughter, somewhere out there on the autistic spectrum, sounding delighted and astonished.

"Of course I picked up, sweetie!" I say, keeping my voice light and dabbing at my eyes. "I was listening for you."

She's going to be home a little late. Her lift was delayed by traffic.

Have I been grousing? I take it all back. My girls are coming home.

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