Monday, 17 June 2013

The luxury of boredom

 Tomorrow, I'm planning what I hope will be a series of "Hit-the-Ground-Running Days".  Younger daughter finishes classes this Thursday, with an exam on Friday, a recital on Sunday, and a school play on Tuesday.  The following week, we depart for our annual retreat to Victoria, and an acquaintance will be sleeping over in early August to care for the Accent Snob which means I've got to do something about this house. So this is a fine month for NaBloPoMo.  But I already knew that.  It's been worse.

As a place-holder for the actual post on which I'm working, I offer this from the group Jets Overhead from Victoria, mainly because it smacks of my teenage summer memories of the same.  I was never that pretty or popular, but I do remember peasant blouses and cut-offs as well as being young enough to afford the luxury of boredom, which requires much more time than I'll ever have again.  The houses here are rather more suburban and up-scale than my haunts; however, the scenery is very familiar and typical of Vancouver Island.  The song is quite listenable too:


JoeinVegas said...

I like the images of candles in the sky - something we can't do out west because of fire danger. But if everything is wet and green it seems OK.

Persephone said...

Well, Vancouver Island is as far "out west" as you can get in Canada, and considerably farther west than Las Vegas! It is a rain forest, but we do have fire restrictions, usually in the driest weeks between mid-July and early September. I'm assuming a fire restriction wasn't in place when this video was made.