Friday, 20 December 2013

Snow Joke

I'm pretty sure my Christmas shopping is now done. My knee still aches, but younger daughter's physical check-up found us within striking distance of stores for the Resident Fan Boy's present, and I had an added incentive: we're being threatened with two major snowstorms this weekend, and the second may bring freezing rain. Snow I can cope with, but freezing rain is a whole different can of horrible, and this weekend before Christmas offers few opportunities for hiding in the house.

It could be worse. We could be in Toronto.

Here's a classic Rick Mercer sketch featuring CBC reporter Linden MacIntyre (an alumnus of the journalism programme at the University of King's College in Halifax from which elder daughter is graduating this spring) and actress Sonja Smits who is from the Ottawa area. If you're not Canadian, twenty centimetres of snow is eight inches -- a reasonably heavy snowfall, but pretty standard for winter in most parts of Canada.

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