Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tired and scared of living on the edge too long

So, the day we'd been dreading came, and when daughter came downstairs, I asked her if she'd like some music, thinking she might like something different, but no, she wanted CBC Radio Two, just like every school-day morning.  I turned it on in time to hear an intro to what the host described as one of the less-appreciated songs by Blue Radio.

Can't quite remember what it was, but it wasn't my personal favourite, the first song I remember hearing from them: 
Strange, after all these years, the only part of the video I really remembered was the part near the end when the keyboardist does a little jump to the high-hat crashes.  (Although, watching it again, I did remember the oddly concave-topped feet of the woman.  Blue Rodeo had more than one bare-foot woman strolling through their videos, usually getting dressed before wandering off.)

Before Blue Radio became well-known - as they are in Canada - they were more of a punk/new-wave band called, among other things, Fly to France, and, not long ago, I heard a recording of the band  performing this song in that style. I found this snippet:  
I like the country version better, but I think you always prefer the version you hear first, don't you?

Oh, and younger daughter went out to her lift without a fuss and seemed to have a relatively good day.

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