Friday, 13 March 2015

Face the face

We knew winter was coming back; it's way too early for a Hadean spring. Snow today, freezing rain forecast for tomorrow. Maybe that's why I found myself feeling suddenly achy, and chapped.  I hope so, because otherwise, it means I'm coming down with something.  Either way, I need to get to bed early.

Anyway, I posted a rather maimed version of "Face to Face" on this blog seven years ago.  I suppose I've been thinking about Pete Townsend because of including a video featuring him last week, so I wondered if someone had found a more complete version of what is, after all, one of my favourite Pete Townsend songs.

There are now about five.

They're all interesting, most recorded in different years.  One particularly intriguing take is a slightly more laid-back performance, heavy on the bongos and featuring Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, of all people.  Great footwork by Townsend, but it's difficult to fully appreciate it with the irritating camera work.

But they do have the original "official" video featuring Townsend's daughter Emma (now a Cambridge graduate and a journalist) and all of the first verse. And yes, it's supposed to end like that.

I'd dance myself to bed, but I'd probably break something.

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