Monday, 9 May 2016

Messages from the Spectrum: lost in the cloud

There is little wonder that one of younger daughter's favourite songs is "Over the Rainbow". She lives on the spectrum after all - the autistic spectrum, that is.

Last year, not long after she turned 19 and hence became an adult in this province, we decided we needed to start taking steps to greater independence before she broke free in frustration. So we got her a cell phone.

What became immediately evident is that this young woman, who struggles a bit with processing language and is often left tongue-tied when put on the spot, is a natural texter.

The past year has given us glimpses into her world: some startling, some warped, some touching, and most, eloquent.

I've been transcribing her messages to keep them safe "in the cloud". Maybe I should reach over that rainbow now and then to share a nugget from the pot of gold.  (Her texts are in bold; my responses in regular font.)

April 21st, 2016

There was a working dog at church today during the service!  It turned out there didn't appear to be any Sunday school because one of the little boys with blond hair wasn't there!  His name is Emery, which is kinda a very unusual name for boys and some who are his age!  He's probably like five years old or something rather!  Anyway, Dad finally got to announce your birthday and my sister's 24th birthday and the queen's and William Shakespeare's!  However, I didn't quite get to announce my 20th birthday that's coming up on the 10th of May!  Then we got a lift to where we live by one of  the gentlemen who goes to the church!  I can't remember his name!  Anyway, we are at the Second Cup and we believe you and the 24 year old know what you want from there!  I'm sure I can get the chance to announce that I just turned 20 in May!

April 30th, 2016
My eyebrows are done!  They are beautiful now!  Jessica is going to be away because she's going to have her baby!  I hope it's a cute and handsome boy!  Anyway, Jessica has hired a nice lady named Linda to do my eyebrows and I hope she knows a lot about eyebrows but she'll figure it out!  I hope she's as lovely as I am!  Anyway we're at Cora's!  See ya soon! :)

You like boy babies better than girl babies?  I'll look forward to seeing your lovely brows - all ready for going out tonight!

I know! And I think a boy baby would be the best that Jessica should get pregnant with!  I hope he's born soon!  Anyway Cora's is getting noisy because of a few ladies roaring and cheering and even screaming because of a birthday party they're celebrating or something!  They were even clapping loudly!  But that's the end of that!  OTG!

I'm glad it has quieted down a bit, so you can enjoy your lunch!  It's going to be *very* loud at Jennifer's house after she has had her baby!

My brow employee's name isn't Jennifer!  It's Jessica!  That's the name I typed in!  "Jennifer" has two "n"s, two "e"s, an "f" and an "r"!
"Jessica" has two "s"s, one "e, a "c" and an "a"!
It is going to be at her house!  Much louder than today at Cora's!  Because in life, a woman has to yell and scream a lot when her baby is about to come out of her!  The doctor or nurse has to tell her to push until the baby's born! And when it is, it cries and coos a little!  I remember sounding like that when I was born!

May 1st, 2016

We are late!  It is all the bus driver's fault for not show up on time!  Now we've missed out on the opening hymn!  We also missed out on the cantor hymn!  Even the beginning of the gradual hymn!  There's also no Sunday school again!  The cute little blond haired boy is not here!  Not even any other little boy with a different hair colour!

Alas, while I was transferring these messages from the document to which I'd been saving them, that document disappeared into cyberspace.  Now I have to start saving them all over again.

The clouds, to paraphrase Joni Mitchell, are always getting in my way.

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