Friday, 12 August 2016

Can't stop the viral videos

I gather this is the song of the summer.  I wouldn't know; I don't listen to those kind of stations.  The first intimation I had was this viral video a couple of months ago: 
Not sure where that six-year-old got the hip action, but heck, it's rather adorable.  (Just wish my house looked that uncluttered.)

Next, it turned up on my Postmodern Jukebox feed:  
I feel that Aubrey Logan is channeling Channing here.  It's that wide-eyed and rather surprised Carol Channing stare that does it for me. Also, don't miss Melinda Sullivan risking life and limb (well, limb, anyway) to tap-dance on the narrow lunch counter at about the three-minute mark.

Finally, while I was hiding out from the humidex in Victoria, this video brought it right into my laptop: 
This was apparently inspired by the viral video of Officer Tracy Turpin dancing on duty on Elgin Street during the Canada Day long weekend, and was widely shared in the aftermath of shootings involving American police.

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