Thursday, 18 June 2009

Quand mes genoux deviennent mous... (Cui! Cui!)

I have been searching for this song on the internet for ages, and tripped across it on a new music site I'm trying out called of which I'm still trying to get the hang. The lyrics are cadged off a French web site which wasn't sure of the English sections (but then neither am I, neither of the English nor French which I suspect doesn't matter because the lyrics don't make a heckuva lot of sense). This is a delightfully loopy song and while I know it isn't nineties, Marie, if you played it at that wedding you're going to/went to, I, for one, would dance. If I were invited. And I wasn't. But that's absolutely okay; I'm rubbish at weddings. Particularly my own. (Oh yes, and the first twenty seconds of the video is missing.)

Un rien de babyliss
l'haleine mentholée
vous pouvez danser
bien collés

Si le rimmel glisse
Vos doigts sont gelés
Vous êtes un poil
Plus très très loin
De craquer

Mais souvenez-vous de nous
si un loup vous fait les yeux doux
Mais souvenez-vous de nous
quand vos genoux deviennent mous

(Mosquito buzz and slap)
Encore !
Zoup cui cui cui zahou cui cui

Et un peu de champagne
Ça vous aide à parler
Oui mais les bulles vont remonter
Parlez de vos santiags juste pour meubler
Le crocodile c'est pas si facile pour danser


Hey, grab a girl and bring her round!
Square up; come to the hoe-down!

(country and western)

Swing your partner around and round
A la main left and the boy left town (?)
Dos a dos, do it right,
Or else you won't get none tonight!

Come on, now!
Hit it, René !

(Background conversation which seems to say, in part: "Is that boy sweet on you?" "What?"

Et puis le cœur qui bat
Et le show dans la tête
Les pieds
Les mains
les bras
Et le reste
Sont en fête


And once again !

C'est moi!
C'est moi!


Jane Henry said...

Not sure if would make me dance, but I like the bonkers video!! 80s I presume?

JoeinVegas said...

That is rather psychodelic