Thursday, 5 August 2010

Not gonna make it

My blog is on Hades time (EDT) and I'm house-sitting on Victoria time (PDT), so if you're wondering why there are not posts for every day in August at my actual blog, let me assure you, that at NaBloPoMo, the dates are correct --- so long as I post them by midnight PDT.

However, I'm not going to finish the post upon which I've embarked tonight. So I'm cheating and posting a YouTube video.

I'm not a country music fan, but I adore this song. I do not adore this video. If I had my way, I'd post a clip from the late lamented A&E programme By Request, back when A&E actually meant "Arts and Entertainment". On her appearance, Trisha Yearwood performed this song with the songwriter Kim Richey, plus one of my favourite singer/songwriters Mary Chapin Carpenter. It was fabulous. The vocal here is also fabulous, so I recommend closing your eyes and ignoring the video, which is inoffensive to the point of being bland and pointless:

I'll endeavour to produce a real post tomorrow, I promise!

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