Monday, 21 January 2013

Another argument for locking up your daughters

I stumbled upon a collection of videos this weekend. (Yes, as usual, I was looking for something else.) This is from a group of suspiciously good-looking young musicians who call themselves Collective Cadenza (or maybe it's collectivecadenza -- at any rate, they're cdza for short). Some of the videos are more successful than others, but I was drawn to this one about the "history of wooing women". Apparently, things took an ugly turn sometime in the early nineties.

There's some judicious bleeping here, but I wouldn't play this within the hearing of those with more delicate sensibilities such as say, young children, your grandmother, your boss, etc:

Oh well, I guess one can argue that at least today's young women should have no doubts about where they stand (and why they shouldn't turn their backs for a second), but all the same, it's a tad depressing, isn't it?

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