Thursday, 10 January 2013

Seriously, I'm not really researching *that*, new or otherwise

Sometimes I wonder how much trouble I would be in if the police confiscated my computer and built a case against me based on my search terms. I rather like the indie band The New Pornographers, for example. So when I wanted to find some of their CDs at the library, I had to put "new pornographers" in the search field which made me a tad uneasy. If I look up their videos on YouTube or check out their web site, well, a music fan reasonably familiar with the Canadian music scene would know I'm not making a nefarious search, but suppose I had to explain this to someone in authority?

For those of you not so reasonably familiar, The New Pornographers (cringe) are sort of an indie supergroup, comprised of about seven core members who were known for their previous work before collaborating. Known by cognoscenti, that is -- the only person I recognised in the the line-up was Neko Case and she's an American, albeit based in Vancouver. The group came to my attention via a catchy tune with obscure lyrics entitled "Sing Me Spanish Techno" which I've mentioned in a previous post. The song was from their 2005 album Twin Cinema, but I heard it much later because I'm not up-to-date by any stretch of the imagination. I decided to get any available NP CDs out of the library after hearing this song from their 2010 album Together:The library had three CDs which I downloaded on to my iPod and so I've spent the past few months being ambushed on my song shuffle.
Here are a couple of my emerging favourites:

And this one, which I really like, but I prefer the pictures in my head to the video, clever as it is:
And finally, because I can't resist, this rather marvellous cover of a Fleetwood Mac song of which I'd never heard:
That's it; I'm off to bed now.

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Rob said...

I love the NPs. I used the first line of "Jackie, Dressed In Cobras" in one of my very first (possibly THE first) guess-the-song-from-the-first-line quiz. Well, you would.