Friday, 28 March 2008

In praise of a big blue sweetie

Okay, another not-so-stellar day. I may blog on it when I've gained some perspective and retrieved my sense of humour and thus am able push on through to wisdom.

But for now, it's retreat-and-bury-myself-in-favourite-obsessions time. Today, I'd like to sing the praises of my favourite fan-vid creator at YouTube: Thebigbluemeany. This woman is a genius. She doesn't make many videos, but what she does produce is "cherse". For example, today, I would desperately love to cheer myself up by watching David Tennant's latest appearance on The Friday Night Project. However, I don't live in Britain, and must wait for some kind soul to post the show illegally. In the meantime, I can console myself with Thebigbluemeany's "David Tennant Commiseration Video":

See? Wit,rhythm, and impeccable editing. Obviously, this woman is, ahem, somewhat obsessed with David Tennant, as in her lyrical take on the "Human Nature" episode of Doctor Who:

She's also somewhat into the use of video for "fan-fic", as in this interpretation of Rose's memories of both her Doctors while trapped in the parallel Earth. Now, there are squillions of Doctor/Rose fanvids on YouTube, some very good, most just the same darn images cobbled together to "this song which I just love and is PERFECT for Rose..." (Girls, please, no more videos to My Heart Will Go On and can we please, please leave Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson out of it?) Here, Thebigbluemeany takes things to a whole new level. You might not want to watch this if you have epilepsy. Or a pacemaker:

While it was Thebigbluemeany's interest in things Doctorish that got me watching her videos, it's her timing, taste, and imagination that make me rejoice when I see she's posted something new. Here's her latest, a humourous and affectionate "slash" take on The Man From UNCLE. This was a show I never really watched, but it doesn't matter; the video is perfectly entertaining on its own:

I could go on, but she's got a channel at YouTube; go check it out! That woman's going places. Thanks tbbm, you've pulled me out of so many big blue funks; I suspect you're not a meany at all.


Rob said...

You have to remember that, Way Back In The 1960s, David McCallum held a similar place in the affections of the human female as that currently occupied by, er, another Scottish David.

Persephone said...

And both Glaswegians! (Someone from Paisley is considered Glawegian, right?) Tom Conti, a soft spot of mine, is also from that neck of the woods. Is it something in the water?