Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Peter Sellers, followed by his biggest fans

I'm seeing if I can get a video into my post. Oooh, I think I did! I found this at YouTube via Facebook, if you please! I've heard audio recordings of Peter Sellers doing Laurence Olivier doing Richard III doing A Hard Day's Night, but I've never actually seen him doing it, and this clip affords that pleasure, followed by another pleasure: the Beatles themselves miming to one of my very favourites: We Can Work It Out. Lovely!


Jane Henry said...

oh I have seen this before, but it is too to funny.

Just came by to say thanks so much for taking the trouble to find my Mumm-Ra song... Can't believe I misheard the lyrics so badly. They make much more sense now!!!
love Jane aka Julia

Rob said...

I suspect it's a segment from Top Of The Pops, which I watched most weeks as a lad. I certainly remember seeing both Sellers and the Fab Four on it, so very likely the same footage. Ah, it takes me back.