Saturday, 3 April 2010

To boldly go...

You may want to have this playing while you view the following:Earth? Earth and uh, Mars? Planets collide in a galaxy far, far away? (Or in some overwrought Russell T Davies Doctor Who finale? Cheap shot, I know!) Not planets then...Dinosaur eggs?Psychedelic chickens? O-o-ohhh... Easter Eggs!These are really simple. (If they weren't, we wouldn't be doing them!) A tablespoon each of food colouring, vinegar and (this is important!) vegetable oil into a mug or other container big enough to immerse one egg. Fill the rest of the mug with cold water. (Not all the way or it will slop over when you dip the egg.) Make sure you have aprons or old clothes and proper covering for your work surface (preferably plastic). Now grip the egg gently with some tongs in one hand, and stir one of the mugs with the other. Take out the spoon and quick, while the dye is swirling, briefly dip the egg in. Take it out, pat it dry with a paper cloth or old rag, then repeat with another colour or even the same colour for more intensity. Pat your finished eggs dry, set them aside and mop up.

Happy Easter!

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