Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Don't be a stranger

Made it! Thirty-one straight days of blogging --- except that my records at NaBloPoMo claim I've only done thirty. Eden Kennedy, if you're out there, it says 31 here at Post-it Notes from Hades, and I've counted my posts at NaBloPoMo. Not fussing, just want full credit.

Anyway, I'll be bidding NaBloPoMo a fond farewell until November 2010, but in the meantime, I'll still be blogging. Just not every blessed day. At least twice a week. I hope.

I've really got to go and bake some hot cross buns now. However as the new Doctor Who season, complete with a new Doctor is due to be transmitted in Britain this weekend (and will no doubt be viewed illegally in this house before the Canadian transmission on April 17 on Space), I wanted to take one last opportunity to sing the praises of the outgoing Doctor, David Tennant. Well, actually I won't be doing the singing. Oh, don't be so relieved; I'm quite a good singer. Yes, really.

Instead, I'm posting this wonderful fan-vid from the meticulous and thorough BabelColour who, by the way, is not a bad way to learn about Doctor Who. Check out some of his videos. The singer here is the rather marvelous Shingai Shoniwa, even if I don't care for her pronunciation of "mischievous":

Oh, and this morning, the man with a mustache from yesterday approached me at the Hurdman Station.
"We're having a good day today," he remarked with a quick glance at younger daughter.
I cocked my head at him, smiling.
"We usually do, you know."

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ptooie said...

YAY you for completing NaBloPoMo! I've enjoyed getting the peeks into your thoughts each day. Thank you!

and way to go fella with the mustache. Even if it took a bad day to not be invisible to him, I'm a bit impressed he approached you again.