Saturday, 6 November 2010

54-40, why fight?

Each weekday, I take an hour's bus-ride with younger daughter to her school, drop her off, then pelt down to whichever bus stop will catch me the first of the three buses that will eventually get me home. I climb on, stick in my ear buds and tune into the last half-hour of CBC Radio Two Morning. It's a very eclectic mix of music and I like it.

The bus was taking a detour down Richmond Street en route to the Westboro Transitway station when this gem came on the other morning:

Geez. I hadn't thought of this song in years. It was getting airplay during our final months in Victoria before we descended into Hades.

Canada's going into Standard Time this evening (except for Saskatchewan which refuses to take part in such nonsense). That gives me an extra hour of sleep. I think I'll play some 54-40 and dance myself to bed....

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