Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Take that, Leonard Cohen!

Freezing rain yesterday; pouring rain today. On the packed bus, I heard that North Korea is shelling South Korea. Oh dear. I don't need a cold and a broken Hallelujah this morning.

Remember I was saying that in Canada, Christmas seems to begin the day after Remembrance Day? Here is what happened in a shopping mall in Welland, Ontario ten days ago. Welland is on a strip of land that separates the west end of Lake Ontario from the east end of Lake Erie.I love watching who is determined to keep eating during this! ("You don't really care for music, do yah?")


Blasé said...

I'm glad they weren't arrested...this time.

Anonymous said...

Why do these flash mob events make me weepy? Anyone else have that reaction? I'm not alone in this am I?

Persephone said...

Not at all, tent; I always cry!