Saturday, 13 November 2010

As a matter of fact, some of my days at university were like that....

Oh, oh, oh. Tired. Too tired. This day has left too little of me and too much to do.

When a "UVic" in Catalonia (this is important, the speaker in the video says "Spain" but some Catalan posters took issue) did a widely-viewed "lip-dub", Sean Slavin, of my alma mater The University of Victoria in British Columbia, decided to see what could emerge, mainly because many viewers had apparently confused the two universities.

What follows is what he and about a thousand volunteers came up with last September. When I watch it, I'm nearly undone by an avalanche of memories, but I think someone who hasn't been a student here, taught here, met one's spouse here can still enjoy this on its own. (Hang on for the "Rick Roll"):


Jane Henry said...

Oh that was brilliant fun, Persephone, thanks for sharing. Funnily enough just spent a nostalgic weekend at my alma mater in Liverpool. Aah. Those were the glory days, eh? Seems impossible to think they ended 23 years ago!

Persephone said...

Have you spotted "Where's Waldo?", Jane/Jules? I can only find him twice, but he's supposed to appear 3 times at least, along with "Max" from Where the Wild Things Are (whom I have spotted 3 times during this video...).