Monday, 10 February 2014

Foolish grin

A stressful weekend.  Younger daughter had two homework assignments and dealt with her terror by not telling us about them until Saturday evening.  We cut down the requirements into smaller tasks and the Resident Fan Boy nearly derailed the proceedings by fussing over font size.  Still, she only stormed up to her room once, and refused to break for more pleasant things until the final thing was completed.

We unwound with last night's pre-recorded broadcast of a post-Grammy tribute to the Beatles in honour of the 50th anniversary of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.  Younger daughter, an enthralled Beatles fan since the age of two (I fondly remember her quick-step circling of the living room carpet to "Hard Day's Night" -- which wasn't played last night) hung on to every note.  I think she particularly enjoyed Stevie Wonder's rendition of "We Can Work It Out" and David Grohl's and Jeff Lynne's "Hey Bulldog"

Dave Grohl - Hey Bulldog - Grammy Salute (The... by IdolxMuzic

I, however, had been waiting for Annie Lennox to blow "The Fool on the Hill" out of the water. She did, of course, but all that's available is this official snippet:

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