Saturday, 22 February 2014

Whatever gets you through the month

We were on our way by bus to younger daughter's singing competition when elder daughter told me she wanted me to hear her current favourite song.  She put the ear-bud of her iPod into my left ear while I listened to it not knowing the artist, and pronounced it catchy and cheery.  I was rather astonished to learn it was by McFly.

All I really know about McFly is that they are a boy band and seem to have been particularly huge around five years ago.  They had a cameo appearance on a Doctor Who episode, doing an election spot for the diabolical Harold Saxon.  I frankly thought they weren't recording any more.

Evidently they are.  They're British, very pretty, and write sunshiny songs like this one, so I guess I can see why elder daughter, who is bogged down with editorial duties and graduation year assignments, would find this appealing.  Especially as I have spent February, a tough month at the best of times, listening to "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child".  I'll explain why tomorrow.

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