Monday, 2 November 2015

And winter closing in

I took the Accent Snob out for his preprandial walk this evening. Actually, the Accent Snob has never, in the four years he's lived with us, been enthusiastic about walks, so it's more like taking him out for a smell.

Anyway, the neighbourhood is still in Hallowe'en mode, every second house had a jack o' lantern still grinning on the steps. I've hacked our three into cubes ready for steaming, but these outcasts will probably be sitting out until the Christmas lights start to appear. They won't rot; it's getting too cold for that.

Squinting through the twilight while the Accent Snob methodically sniffed and balanced, I spotted our house through the backyards of the next block. I haven't been able to see our house from Vaughan Street since last April; the leaves that obscure the view have dropped, although there is still a lot of autumn colour. The year has turned the corner.

And there were Christmas commercials on TV this evening.

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