Thursday, 12 November 2015

But we're all strange and maybe we don't want to change

In September, when we were easing younger daughter back into school (and there was nuthin' easy about it), there were a couple of mornings when her morning lift was not available and I'd find myself sitting on the #5 while she and the Resident Fan Boy sat behind, riding through the dawn sunshine to the Mackenzie King Bridge where we'd bid farewell to the RFB and clamber on the 97 to Bells Corners. When I think of this song, I think of the sun rising over Strathcona Park as the bus trundled along Laurier East.

As pretty as this video is, it's more a song to be listened to than watched, and even if you're listening hard, it's best not to puzzle over the lyrics much.

The band is the Strumbellas, who seem to have a sort of Lumineers thing going on. They're based in Toronto, but four of the six members come from Lindsay, in south-eastern Ontario, near Peterborough. A friend of mine used to say that Peterborough was full of alcoholics, but I think she was mad at her ex-husband.

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