Saturday, 3 May 2008

As if I didn't have better things to do

It will be a few hours before the first illegal postings of Doctor Who appear on the Internet, so I was blog-checking and noticed that Rob of The Medium is Not Enough is posting pictures of David Tennant sitting (or lolling or reclining), in order to titillate the fan-girls. (Rob's or David's? I'm not sure. I still haven't quite forgiven the former for an vitriolic review of the television series "Saving Grace", based on sixteen minutes of viewing. And he thinks fundamentalists are judgmental. But I digress.) I just happen to have this hidden away for my private enjoyment, so I tried to share it. It showed up beautifully in the preview of the comment field, but failed to show up in the published form. But it's too good to keep to myself. (It's Thom Yorke --the lead singer of Radiohead -- with DT and Catherine Tate in the holding tank at the Jonathan Ross talk show a month or so ago. I think they're watching some sort of snake-handler. Or John Hurt.)

Oh well. Back to waiting. I'm not sure why I'm anxious; it's the second part of a two-parter by Helen Raynor and the first part was not great. She did a two-parter last year and the first part was better than the second part. So maybe the second part will be better. Gawd, I really do have better things to do...

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MediumRob said...

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree about Saving Grace. Given my normal reviews policy is to stick it out for three to five episodes before passing Final Judgement, I don't really think I can be accused of being quick to leap to conclusions (unless you wait for six or seven episodes, of course, in which case I respect your greater patience). It's just Saving Grace was really bad for those 16 minutes. I'm allowed a little slack here and there, I feel, if only so I have the time to occasionally fan the embers of the thing that others might jokingly describe in my case as 'a life'.

As for fangirls, I think it can be safely assumed the fangirls are all David's... ;-)

The pic will be going up in due course. Many thanks!