Sunday, 4 May 2008

Just a short one...

The new season of Doctor Who has produced a spate of fan tributes at YouTube; unfortunately, it's mostly the Ten/Rose bunch, all in a dither about Rose's impending return (however brief) to the series later this season. I don't mind a good Doctor and Rose fanvid, but it actually has to be good. Really, really good. Otherwise, my points have to go to those intrepid vid-makers who have actually moved on. I'm delighted to see "Thehellishgnome" has pulled together a delightful ode to the petiteness of both the Sontarians and Martha Jones who have appeared in the Doctor Who two-parter that concluded last night. (Last night, I said I was hoping the second part might be better than the first part. And it was, though admittedly, it wouldn't have taken much. The ageing fan-boys seem happy, so that's something. I say, bring on the Doctor's daughter, the Steven Moffat two-parter, and Agatha Christie's alien wasp...)

I hadn't actually noticed that Freema Agyeman was all that short, but she does always seem to be in heels: The song (for you infants) is Short People by Randy Newman. It caused quite a kerfuffle in the late Seventies, because Little People thought Randy Newman was being offensive. He said it was a poke at prejudice and discrimination of all kinds.

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