Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I'm in love...

...but it's a warm, maternal sort of love. Liam is 18, a student in Edinburgh, and hysterically funny. He's two years older than my elder daughter, and I'm sure his mum's heart melts on a regular basis. Liam is also a "vlogger", and his videos, which I stumbled upon yesterday, were really my introduction to serious "video-logging" which boasts quite a community consisting of young people talking mostly about themselves. Liam's differences are his witty presentation, clever editing, spot-on timing --- and the fact that he's a dead ringer for David Tennant. What follows are two examples of his work. In the first, Liam reveals a worrying development:
He's rather adorable, isn't he? Here, Liam tries to "vlog", but keeps getting hijacked by a certain time traveller: This is one clever fella! I plan to keep watching him, because I'm sure he's going on to great things!

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Vanessa said...

Oh he is really adorable. And so serious ("emotional turmoil"! violins!). Which makes him all the cuter. Great job on the editing, too.