Saturday, 13 March 2010

The mice man cometh

Our neighbour might have mice. No surprises there; eight years ago our neighbours had an infestation which spread over to our side of the semi-detached. The only hints we had at the time were the mouse droppings in the bathroom cabinets and the sole mouse the cat caught --- after the bait had been laid, so no big points for mousing there.

Our neighbour had a man in, who also came over to our side to check the attic. That's the story, really. Except that when he showed up in the driveway, the Resident Fan Boy intoned: "The mice man cometh." I thought that would make a great title. Sorry the post isn't so interesting. How about if I embed a couple of mice-related Monty Python sketches? Better that than going on about Eugene O'Neill, who is way too depressing for March:

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