Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Risking the ire of the Irish

Why am I not wearing green today? Were you wearing a daffodil or a leek on March 1st for St David's Day?
I didn't think so.
What's that? You're not Welsh? I'm a family historian. I have my family lines, both paternal and maternal worked back at least six generations across the board (fifteen generations in a couple of lines). Not a drop of Irish blood.

No beef with Ireland; I enjoy Irish music, art and literature. However, I feel less kindly toward people using St Patrick's Day as an excuse to act more boorish than usual.

Today, the Resident Fan Boy, younger daughter and I were returning from Westboro where we had purchased new "indoor shoes" for school. This is a necessity for Hades where janitorial costs have been so cut back that schools can't afford to have the floors cleaned more than once or twice a year. As a reward to ourselves, we had a lovely lunch at Fratelli where I had thoroughly enjoyed a large bowl of tomato and garlic soup and now was feeling guilty about inflicting myself upon our fellow passengers on the ride home. That is, until two characters in green shirts, leprechaun hats, and over-sized glasses (not sure about the significance of that last item) boarded the bus. One girl spread herself out in front the back door, listening to tinny music on her earphones, and looking vaguely put out every time someone needed to exit.

The other was a fellow who entered the bus ahead of an elderly lady and plunked himself into the one remaining free seat which happened to be a courtesy seat near the front, immediately producing a magazine from his jacket and immersing himself in it. The elderly lady glanced at him wearily and made her way toward the middle of the bus where I was, so I stood up, tugged her sleeve and directed her into my vacated seat. St Patrick saw us and muttered: "Sorry..." but apparently had no trouble with my standing and trying to keep my distance from the leprechaun with earphones who had evidently poured half a bottle of scent over herself before venturing out.

I like to think that this was because I looked young enough to be standing. I also like to think neither of them was actually Irish. Or Welsh.


BwcaBrownie said...

The people throwing down green beer would probably not know Fact 1 about St.Patrick.
Pierce Brosnan is pretty damn cute though.
My halo-ed eco-heart and I use mass transport and recently on a crowded bus where one woman had her bag on the last available seat, the newest passenger was ignored by this selfish person until he enquired
"did you buy two tickets"?

Jane Henry said...

Having grown up in a school populated by 90% Irish descent, I got rather bored of St Paddy's day at a very early age. And I have never EVER learnt to love Irish Dancing... Having said that eldest daughter is obsessed, so funnily enough this year I went to her Facebook St Patrick's Day party. Well I said I did...