Sunday, 28 March 2010

Persephone waives the rules

Younger daughter's March Break is drawing to a close. We took advantage of the two-week independent school version (public schools have just one week) to attend shows, movies, museums, go out for lunch, everything younger daughter had mentioned in a poem she wrote for school about March Break. We also availed ourselves of the opportunity for medical appointments.

While younger daughter was having her eye check-up last week, I browsed an old copy of Wired and came upon an article entitled "The New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans", that is, of course, humans with computers, cell phones, Blue Tooths, etc. I'm semi-evolved, having what is no doubt a stone-aged home computer, a recently acquired iPod, a blog, a Facebook profile, a rarely used Twitter account, and no cell-phone, so I read the article with interest. Among the hints was this: Don't Blog or Tweet Anything With More Than Half a Million Hits.

So, of course, I'm gonna. Because Wired isn't the boss of me. (Although the article is quite good...)

One of my Facebook friends who is clearly less evolved than those geeks at Wired posted a link to this gem taken from the Jimmy Kimmel show (which is on way too late for me to watch; thank gawd for YouTube):
Clearly this is ten minutes well wasted. My only quibble are the missing club members. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

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