Monday, 11 April 2011

When April was too cruel

A couple of years ago, I took some snaps of how spring burst relentlessly into Hades, rather like a bullet hitting a soft target. Events rather overwhelmed me that year, so going back this evening, I rediscovered a couple that I thought were not bad and will post them here as placeholders. The first I call "Blood Will Out", and the second I've entitled "Out of Bounds. I'm afraid I've given the impression I'm not that fond of April in Hades.


I'm not.


SOL's view said...

The red flowers are magnificent. April here is pretty good. Heading into winter so the constant humidity of summer is gone. Most of the time the days are balmy, breezy and sunny. Mmmmm. Nice.

Persephone said...

I was taking the tulips for their proximity to a) the dead grass and b) the piece of glacier gleaming right next to them. Balmy, breezy and sunny? Don't make me cry...