Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lilacs in Russia

The new (well, slightly-used) version of Blogger offers a way of accessing statistics about your blog, and I gather that yesterday, after four and a half years as a blogger, I posted my 500th post-it note from Hades  -- albeit not in Hades at the time. 

I used to check my statistics regularly through a Google service.  It was a humbling experience, and when I lost the link after a virus mishap, I really didn't waste much time mourning.  Now, I find it interesting (and still damn humbling) to have a gander at my Blogger statistics whenever I'm participating in NaBloPoMo --- chiefly because my readership is up slightly at that time.

It's a wee bit mystifying as well.  Most of my hits are people searching for something else, usually an image.  I gather they stumble across my blog for a matter of seconds and move on in their pursuit of . . . .lilacs.  What's even stranger is that the vast majority of these lilac-seekers seem to be living in Russia.

If one of you Russian lilac-fans care to pause and tell me the significance of lilacs in the former Soviet Union (other than the fact that they seem to grow well there), I'd be delighted.

There are a lot of tricycle fans out there as well.  Also people looking for pictures of Charles and Diana, but I've known about you lot for years.  Time to move on, wouldn't you say?

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Winnie said...

You crack me up.I love your humor. I enjoy reading your posts. I find that I get a lot of searches like that too. Last week "Man who was once a woman" came up. Huh? I am a craft blog, and have nothing vaguely like that one there. So funny. I do find it fun to see where people comment from. I have some great viewers in the Netherlands who write often.