Saturday, 14 July 2012

They never met

I have two posts in process, but I'm running out of time for today. (By the way, if the dates for this NaBloPoMo seem screwy, it's because my blog is on Hades time - EDT - while Victoria is on Pacific Daylight Time, so although I'm completing my daily post before midnight, if it's after 9 pm, it will be date-stamped for the next day on my blog.)

Tonight, I hastily offer a rarity. This Martin Mull duet (I'm afraid I don't know the name of the lady) appeared on the Michael Nesmith summer variety show "Television Parts", back in the day when they had summer replacement series.

In the eighties, Nesmith (yes, formerly of The Monkees) was a video pioneer, and "Television Parts" grew out of his video show "Elephant Parts". I believe Micky Dolenz, also a former Monkee, was one of the directors for the TV show.

I love the loopy lyrics of this ditty:

They never met, not even briefly.
I know you were thinking they might,
But they never met; the problem was chiefly
That she worked the day shift and he worked the night.

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