Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Walk on

When I'm feeling stressed, injured, sad, or furious during my yearly sojourn, the Resident Fan will tell me (usually by long distance from Hades): "At least you're miserable in Victoria."

Okay, so I'm in Victoria. And I'm miserable. Never mind why, if I find the courage, I will find the words and the way. A new way.

In the meantime, someone has been kind enough to post this hard-to-find version of "New Way to Walk" from Sesame Street. This features the dancing of Savion Glover (whom I was lucky enough to see perform in Ottawa the winter before last ---naturally I never got around to blogging about it) and Bill Irwin, among others. It takes me back to when my daughters were young children, and we lived on a leafy street two blocks from my mother.
I will find a new way to walk. It will probably help that I'm in Victoria, however temporarily. And I'm house-sitting now, so blogging will be easier, whether I'm happy or not.

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