Monday, 9 July 2012

Trailing clouds of deception

For some reason, the WiFi at my favourite coffee shop in the Cook Street Village neighbourhood of Victoria is working just fine this morning -- I didn't even have to sign in! Should I be worried?

House-sit starts tomorrow so, shivering a little in the cool shade of the patio this cloudless July morning, I'm "place-holding" with a couple of examples from another sort of YouTube meme --- making trailers that completely mislead you about the film genre:

Suppose, for example, (given the fact that everyone was mourning Nora Ephron last week) that Sleepless in Seattle wasn't a romantic comedy?

Or, if you want to go in the totally opposite direction:

That's my particular favourite, even though it seems to be deliberately designed to con some poor innocent who's been living under a rock to thinking they'd be renting a sweet little film about growing up.

Like all memes, the quality varies widely, but there's some fun to be had here if you have time to spare. Which I don't. 'Bye.

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